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Primo update per FCS3: ma richiede almeno il 10.5.8

Prima di passare ai dettagli sul primo update di Final Cut Studio 3, una domanda: ma com'è che nei requisiti di sistema di FCS 3 c'era il 10.5.7 e ora con questo update ci vuole il 10.5.8?
Bug che dipendono da bug del system 10.5.7? Chissà...
Dunque questo Pro Application update porta alla versione .01 tutte le Pro nuove ed eccone i dettagli in english:

FCP 7.01
  • Fixes an issue where Final Cut Pro 7.0 could quit when using the AJA lo HD and playing mixed format sequences.
  • Fixes an issue when using the new Change Speed dialog to add both "Curve from Start" and "Curve to End" speed ramps on the same clip and the setting for Ripple Sequence was unchecked. This combination of settings would make the clip run backwards for a short time.
  • Fixes the issue where changing the length of a speed ramp with the Change Speed dialog using the Length numerical entry box would not work if both "Curve from Start" and "Curve to End" were not activated. Final Cut Pro 7.0.1 allows you to change the speed ramp length when selecting one type of curve.
  • Fixes an issue where the Desktop Cinema Display Preview would occasionally tear the bottom of the image when using a Cinema Display as a second display with a MacBook Pro.
  • Fixes an issue that would occur when using the Close Gap command. The playhead would need to be on the first frame of the gap to correctly use the Ripple Sequence Markers function. The playhead can now be in the middle of the gap to ripple sequence markers correctly.
  • Fixes an issue where video material at 2048x1080 and 2048x1556 frame sizes would show a color shift.
  • Adds a ".aif" extension to audio files created using the Voice Over Tool.
  • Fixes jittering with Rolling and Crawling titles using Boris Title Generator on interlaced material.
  • Fixes a situation where if you edited a freeze frame as the first shot of a sequence, then edited in a second shot after the freeze frame, the sequence name would change to match the second shot.
Motion 4.01
  • Depth of Field with an animated focal point
  • Quality and precision is increased when rendering a scene with an animated focal point, or in some cases with objects that were animated to vary in distance from the camera.
  • Text characters now display properly for all languages
  • Some non-english languages that include Hebrew, Arabic, and potentially others, now properly maintain characters which could occasionally not display in Motion 4.0.
  • Improved 3rd party FxPlug support
  • Addressed issues that could have resulted in image clipping, memory management, or image position and could have affected some 3rd party FxPlug filters.
  • Rendering of Motion Projects within Compressor
  • Fixes an issue which caused Compressor jobs to not complete when they were tasked with processing older Motion projects.
  • Text Rendering
  • Enhances rendering performance for certain flattened text objects.
  • Multiple Instances of the Point at Behavior
  • Resolves a performance issue experienced when combining multiple Point at Behaviors.
  • Text Outlines
  • The Outline style element of text is no longer incorrectly scaled in size when the point size of the font of text object is manipulated or animated.
  • Rendering of PDF Files
  • Resolves an issue where certain PDF file content was not rendered properly when rotated at certain angles in a 3D Motion project.
  • Inspector Parameters
  • Certain parameters are no longer incorrectly hidden from view in the Inspector.
Color 1.5.1
  • Fixes an issue when the gamma of the monitor was set to 2.2 and wiping between the Still Store and the live footage showed a luminance mismatch of 5 IRE.
  • Fixes an issue that occurred when the project aspect ratio was different from the clip aspect ratio and a frame was saved to the still store. The difference in aspect ratio would be displayed as gray instead of black.
  • Fixes an issue where not all the Color FX nodes created in the Color FX Room would load when a project was saved and reopened.
  • Fixes an issue where disabling the grade of a RED RAW clip would also disable all of the camera metadata that was considered part of the original image. This would make it difficult to see what the colorist had changed when comparing to the original RAW image.
  • Fixes a situation where a project would not save after being rendered.
  • Fixes an issue where opening and closing a project without rendering any files would cause some rendered files to become unrendered.
Compressor 3.5.1 e Qmaster 3.5.1

  • Fixes the ability to inspect surround sound jobs.
  • Addresses a transcoding issue with automatic resizing for videos recorded on iPhone and iPod Nano.
  • Improves quality when using the Frame Controls Resize Filter for HD to SD DVD case.
  • Fixes an issue in which transcodes between Apple ProRes codecs resulted in output media files with incorrect color values in letterbox and padding areas.
  • Fixes issue with redraw of file names in the Inspector when replacing audio files.
Soundtrack Pro 3.0.1
  • This update corrects an issue with the Get Info window for Soundtrack Pro. It is recommended for all Soundtrack Pro 3 users.
Di tutte la più curiosa è senz'altro quella qua sopra...

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